Ambassador Program

“Ambassador” is defined as a representative or envoy with the duty to represent the organization and to provide excellent customer service, thus creating an exceptional experience to all guests. The CERF Ambassador Program will do just that - ensure all members and attendees at CERF have a great meeting experience.

Whether this meeting is your first or fifteenth CERF conference, there are times when attendees feel alone and/or unsure (e.g there is the person whose papers you have already read and admired, but you are hesitant to just walk up and introduce yourself). Or you are just ending one appointment and want to ask someone who has similar interests how they found the next great job.

The CERF Ambassador Program is meant to make these moments easier - with the goal to increase engagement among members and conference attendees, selected CERF members at all career stages will be available throughout the conference to chat informally. We expect CERF Ambassadors to play an active role in meeting First Time Attendees as well as early career and student attendees.

Ambassadors will help make the conference a place of mutual respect where the focus is on learning and collaboration. 


To build on CERF’s broadening participation vision, the Ambassador Program aims to help build a diverse and inclusive community of coastal and estuarine scientists, which in turn strengthens our scientific membership.

 Responsibilities of Ambassadors

  1. Participate in CERFing for Lunch at least one day (CERFing for lunch will run every day as it is expected that different days will work for different groups of attendees.)
  2. Go to at least three first-time attendee and student posters
  3. Join ambassadors in social media campaigns (e.g. poster session flash mob, selfies).
  4. Be a welcoming, friendly face of CERF and grow our community!