2017 CERF Rising TIDES
Conference Mentoring Program

2017 CERF Rising TIDES Conference Mentoring Program Mentors and Students
2017 CERF Rising TIDES Conference Mentoring Program Mentors and Students

 CERF was proud to welcome the recipients of the 2017 Rising TIDES (Toward an Inclusive, Diverse, and Enriched Society) Conference Mentoring Program to Providence for the 24 Biennial Conference. Rising TIDES jointly supported 11 underrepresented minority (URM) students and their mentors to participate in CERF 2017:

   Anika Aarons, Ph.D. student, Louisiana State University.
Mentor: Lori Sutter, University of Georgia

   Anita Arenas, undergraduate senior, California State University Long Beach.
Mentor: Christine Whitcraft, California State University Long Beach

·         Katie Blaha-Robinson, master’s student, University of San Diego.
         Mentor: Kelly Darnell, University of Southern Mississippi

·         Jade Blennau, undergraduate senior, Stony Brook University.
         Mentor: Anna Armitage, Texas A&M University at Galveston

·         Anjali Boyd, undergraduate junior, Eckerd College. 
         Mentor: Cynthia Sellinger, Oregon State University

·         James deMayo, Ph.D., student, University of Connecticut. 
         Mentor: Hans Dam, University of Connecticut

·         Amelie Jensen, master’s student, University of the Virgin Islands. 
         Mentor: Kristin Wilson Grimes, University of the Virgin Islands

·         Katherine Longmire, master’s student, Virginia Institute of Marine Science. 
         Mentor: Rochelle Seitz, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

·         Mario Marquez, Ph.D. student, Florida A&M University. 
         Mentor: Charles Jagoe, Florida A&M University

·         Ryan Parker, master’s student, University of South Alabama. 
         Mentor: Chris Madden, South Florida Water Management District

·         Johnny Quispe, Ph.D. student, Rutgers University. 
        Mentor: JeanMarie Hartman, Rutgers University

Through joint support of both students and mentors, this program aims to enhance career development of URM students, ensure that students participating in the program will have sustained mentorship following the conference, help develop a community of practice for CERF members who are engaged in building diversity and inclusion within their own organizations and across institutions, and involve those who are already mentors of URM students in helping to transform CERF into a broadly inclusive society. In addition to the full suite of scientific sessions and other conference activities, students and their mentors participated in a workshop with expert panelists and key CERF members and partners who are leaders in diversity, with the goal of inspiring and motivating URM students to pursue career pathways in coastal and estuarine science.   Diversity, inclusion, and equity themes were infused throughout the regular conference programming for the benefit of all attendees. 

The Rising TIDES Conference Mentoring Program is part of a comprehensive new initiative to enhance diversity and inclusion in CERF and coastal and estuarine sciences. This initiative is led by the CERF Broadening Participation Council, chaired by Treda Grayson ([email protected]).

Learn more about Rising TIDES: www.cerf.science/risingtides

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