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Coastal & Estuarine Science News (CESN) is a free electronic publication providing brief summaries of select articles from the journal Estuaries & Coasts that emphasize management applications of scientific findings.

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CESN Editorial Board

  1. Merryl Alber, CESN Editor, University of Georgia
  2. Janet Fang, CESN Science Writer/Managing EditorCoastal & Estuarine Research Federation
  3. Andrea Copping, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  4. Brett Dumbauld, USDA and Oregon State University
  5. Denise Sanger, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
  6. Mike Mallin, UNC Wilmington
  7. Robert Buchsbaum, Mass Audubon
  8. Jeff Clements, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  9. Jason Stutes, Geoengineers Inc.
  10. Erik Smith, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR
  11. Scott Martindale, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
  12. Kimberly Cressman, Grand Bay NERR
  13. Brian Roberts, LUMCON
  14. Marcus Beck, Tampa Bay Estuary Program


2023 Issue 4

Movin' on Up
Mapping Hypoxic Responses to Nitrogen Loading
Catamarans Can Contract Coastal Wetlands
Nutrient Declines in the Yangtze River: A Success Story

2023 Issue 3

How Will Diked Systems Respond to Sea Level Rise? 
Identifying Management Priorities in Coastal Seascapes
Estimating Juvenile Salmon Carrying Capacities
Undersized Mediterranean Lagoons are Understudied

2023 Issue 2

2023 Issue 1

Spartina Outperforms Phragmites in Wave Attenuation Tests
Should Wood be Part of Tidal Marsh Restoration?
Floating Oyster Aquaculture Can Remove Nitrogen
Balls or Sills: Which Living Shoreline Design Dissipates Waves Best?

2022 December

Bay Beaches Erode Differently
Fish Communities Don't Always Change With Salinity
Daily Mean Discharge Data Doesn't Capture Compound Flooding
Where Does Citizen Science Fit?

2022 October

How Blue Crabs Invaded Portugal in Under Three Years
Coconut Fibers for Oyster Reef Restoration
Managing Delta Smelt in the San Francisco Estuary
Including Estuaries in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies

2022 July

2022 May

2022 April

Runnels for Restoration
Blue Crabs in a Sea of Grass
Tracking Wastewater Contamination at Shellfish Farms
Will Genetic-Based Restoration Strategies Work for SAVs?

2022 February

What Factors Boost Oyster Filtration Services?
Modeling Transport in the Gulf of Mexico
What’s Up, Dock?
Getting to the Bottom of Hypoxia

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