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Coastal & Estuarine Science News (CESN) is a free electronic publication providing brief summaries of select articles from the journal Estuaries & Coasts that emphasize management applications of scientific findings.

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2021 November

Catch My Drift: Stakeholder-driven Hydrodynamic Modeling
How Drones Help Manage the Coast
Should Coastal Defenses Be Moved Landward?
How Does Flooding Influence Nesting Success?

2021 October

2021 July

Measuring Vulnerability Along the East African Coastline
Can Sediment Supply Meet Demand in West Coast Marshes?
Capturing Change on Constantly Changing Barrier Islands
Managing Nitrogen With Oysters

2021 May

What Does Restoration Success Look Like?
Lessons From Two Decades of Native Oyster Restoration
Fishing in the City
Getting More Bang for the Buck in Marsh Restoration

2021 March

Managed Ponds Offer Ample Zooplankton for Juvenile Salmon
Has Nutrient Loading to Chesapeake Bay Decreased?
Shorebirds Eat at Night, Too
Tracking Seagrass Survival in Virginia’s Long-Running Restoration Efforts

2021 January

Invasive Seaweed May Benefit Juvenile Salmon
How Many Herbivores Can a Turtlegrass Meadow Support?
The Resilience of Texas Estuaries to Hurricane Harvey
Predicting the Future of Seagrass Ecosystems in a Warmer World

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