Rising TIDES Collaborations

SEAS Your Tomorrow:
Supporting Emerging Aquatic Scientists


CERF is a proud collaborator on the Supporting Emerging Aquatic Scientists (SEAS) Your Tomorrow project led by Dr. Kristin Wilson Grimes at the University of the Virgin Islands.

SEAS Your Tomorrow is funded by the NSF INCLUDES Program, which provides two years of support to projects that describe new ideas, create targeted initiatives, and forge new models that will improve access to STEM for underserved populations. SEAS Your Tomorrow provides U.S. Virgin Islands middle school, high school, early undergraduate, and graduate students with the support and unique opportunities to pursue their interests in the ocean sciences. The project builds partnerships between universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and professional societies to maximize the impact of targeted activities.

For more information about SEAS Your Tomorrow, please visit http://www.seasyourtomorrow.org/ or contact Dr. Kristin Wilson Grimes at [email protected].