CERF Webinar Series

Stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming webinars!
CERF is now hosting regular, quarterly webinars on a wide range of topics that are of interest to the coastal and estuarine community. This webinar series is available for free for members, and non-members may attend for a low fee. We invite CERF members and non-members at all career stages who are interested in defining, reaching, and interacting with their audiences and stakeholders more effectively to join us!

Do you have ideas for future webinars?
We are very interested in receiving input on future webinar topics and/or speakers. Please submit your suggestions to Randy Chambers ([email protected]). We look forward to hearing from you! 

2020 Webinar Pricing

CERF Members: Free
Non-Members: $25

2020–2021 Schedule

17 Nov. 2020

Policy Choices for Managing Coastal Storms and Rising Seas

Jeffrey Peterson

21 Sept.

Building Resilient, Adaptive, and Inclusive Coastal Communities through Marine Science: Lessons Learned with Plenty Left to Do

Isaiah W. Bolden

21 July 2020

COVID-19 and Estuarine Research: Impacts and Responses

Autumn Oczkowski, Jace Tunnell, & Karen McGlathery 

27 May 2020

Recruiting & Hiring for Equity Aparna Rajagopal, M.A.
& Ava Holliday, J.D.

14  Jan. 2020

What I Wish I Knew When I Was Applying to Fellowships! Maddie Kennedy

2018–2019 Schedule
Beyond the Books

3 Sept. 2019 Application of Computer-Aided Tomography Technology (CTT) 
Dr. Earl Davey 
13 May 2019 Citizen Science Is Marine Science  Dr. Julia Parrish
6 March 2019
The What and How of a Career as a Consulting Scientist in Natural Resources Dr. Cody Hale
23 Jan. 2019 What I Wish I Knew About Publishing When I Was a Graduate Student Dr. Paul Montagna and Si Simenstad
6 Nov. 2018 Blending complementary ways of knowing—Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Science—to support coastal hazards resilience and restoration decision-making Dr. Matthew Bethel and Dewitt Braud
9 Oct. 2018 Dive Into Diversity: Simple and Stretch Ideas to Create a More Inclusive Workforce Beattra Wilson
21 Jun. 2018 Strategies on How to Thrive in Soft Money Positions Dr. Julie Huber
8 May 2018 Working with Journalists:
Why It’s Important, What to Expect & How to Prepare
Dr. Sunshine Menezes

2016–2017 Schedule
Enhancing Communication in Coastal and Estuarine Science

There is a recognized need for creative and innovative ways to communicate estuarine science across scientific disciplines, between scientists and decision-makers, and directly to a general public with diverse backgrounds. This webinar series will introduce several novel communication tools and their use across different career sectors (academic, resource management, policy and decision makers, educators, etc.).  We invite CERF members at all career stages who are interested in defining, reaching, and interacting with their audiences and stakeholders more effectively to join us!

10/4/2016 Introduction to Science Videography
Part 1: The Changing Landscape of Science Communication
Dr. Karen McKee                    
10/5/2016 Introduction to Science Videography
Part 2: Filming, Editing, and Sharing Your Video
Dr. Karen McKee    
02/01/2017 The Need for Super Powers in Coastal Ecosystem Management: How Collaborative Learning Can Be Used to Bridge Science, Management, and Policy to Improve Outcomes Dr. Christine Feurt                           
05/03/2017 Social Media and Science: Navigating science communication in a hyper-connected world Dr. Jeff Clements
09/15/2017 Tell a Compelling Story: Combining Killer Graphics and Good Narrative for Effective Science Communication Dr. William Dennison


Missed a webinar? All webinar recordings are available in the Webinar Library!