Call for Nominations for 2021–2023 Governing Board

Hilary Neckles, Nominations Committee Chair

We invite you to submit nominations for the 2021-2023 CERF Governing Board, to be led by current President-Elect Leila Hamdan.  CERF is soliciting nominations for our next President-Elect, Secretary, and three Members-at-Large, including an International and Student Member-at-Large. In general, the Governing Board carries out all of CERF’s affairs, with legal and fiduciary responsibility for the overall planning, management, and oversight of the Federation. In practice, serving on the Governing Board is a fantastic way to meet other dedicated CERF members, shape the path forward for CERF, develop leadership skills, and have a ton of fun. The Governing Board meets four times yearly (two virtual meetings and two in-person meetings), and Board members typically serve on at least one committee doing the work of CERF.  Responsibilities of positions up for election are listed below.

CERF’s Rising TIDES (Toward an Inclusive, Diverse, and Enriched Society) program is a multifaceted approach to enhancing the diversity and inclusion of our scientific society and CERF conferences. Through the Broadening Participation Comprehensive Plan, CERF has committed to promote diversity throughout all levels of the organization, including CERF leadership. Nominations to the Governing Board are particularly encouraged that reflect individual differences in social identity such as race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, and socioeconomic background, as well as differences in discipline, career path, and life experience.

Please send your nominations to Past-President Hilary Neckles ([email protected]), copied to Executive Director Susan Park ([email protected]), before the 21 December 2020 deadline. Self-nominations are welcome, and nominations of others are assumed to have the consent of the nominee.

Thank you to all who submitted a nomination for the CERF 2021–2023 Governing Board!

Nominations are now closed.

Learn more about each position below. 

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All Governing Board Members
Past President

All Governing Board Members

  • Carry out the affairs and purposes of the Federation; legal and fiduciary responsibility for the overall planning, management, and oversight of the Federation
  • Attend all Board and Business meetings
  • Attend the Biennial Conference and provide visible leadership at key events, including the opening and closing receptions, student career event, and with sponsors and exhibitors
  • Chair and/or participate in committees or ad hoc assignments
  • Promote the goals of the Federation and encourage students, friends, and colleagues to become and remain members of the Federation and to participate in its activities
  • Approve allocation of funds via approval of the biennial budget or by resolution
  • General oversight of the journal, conference, and membership activities
  • May change the number of at-large members or appoint such additional ex officio, nonvoting members of the Board as deemed necessary


  • Assumes the duties of the President in the President’s absence
  • Serves as the President if the elected President is unable to complete the full term of office
  • Assumes other duties as assigned by the President
  • Accedes to the position of President at the end of the two-year elect term (see below)


  • Prepares and distributes the minutes of all Governing Board and Business meetings
  • Provides a list of action items and the responsible person after each Board meeting; may bring forward unfinished action items at future meetings
  • Sees that all notices are duly given in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws
  • Authenticates records of the Federation
  • Serves a two-year term


  • Represent the full spectrum of the interests of the membership
  • Serve on one or more committees or perform special duties for the Federation as appointed by the President
  • Serve four-year staggered terms (except Student Member at large who serves a two-year term)


  • Chair of the Governing Board; presides at all meetings
  • Presides over the Annual Business Meeting, which provides an account of the state of the Federation to the Membership
  • Supervises and provides direction to the Executive Director
  • Appoints all committees and committee chairs, provides oversight of and direction to all committees, and maintains dialogue between committees and the Board
  • With concurrence from the Board, appoints the Biennial Conference Chair(s)
  • Represents the Federation (or designates a representative) in outreach to other organizations in support of the conference, journal, and other Federation activities
  • Represents the Federation (or designates a representative) to affiliated organizations (e.g., Consortium of Aquatic Science Societies), and in invitations to or discussions with other organizations for new collaborations
  • Writes a message to the membership in each issue of the bulletin
  • Provides remarks at the Biennial Conference and presides over key events
  • Coordinates the solicitation of reports from Board members and committees for submission to the Board prior to each meeting
  • Accedes to the role of Past President upon expiration of their term (see below)

Past President

  • Assists the President as needed
  • Chairs the Nominations Committee
  • Provides continuity to the Governing Board

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