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2019 Rising TIDES announcement

CERF 2019: Rising TIDES Conference Program

Supporting URM Students and Mentors!

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2019 Legacy Fund Scholarship Announcement

The Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) is proud to announce the recipient of the first CERF Legacy Fund Scholarship. Jamila 

Roth, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Florida, has been selected for the inaugural award.  Roth studies how seagrass species diversity impacts their resistance and resilience to warming temperatures. Roth currently has funding to study four different possible responses to these warming temperatures; the Legacy Fund Scholarship will allow her to augment her research by studying an additional response variable.

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Now Open: Late-Breaking Poster Abstracts

Late–Breaking Call For Poster Abstracts
5–16 August 2019

Please submit online through the abstract portal. Details are below.

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Now Open: CERF 2019 Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: 1 May, 2019

The CERF 2019 Scientific Program Committee (SPC) invites you to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation for CERF 2019. The Federation is committed to bringing scientists and students from around the world together to exchange information and ideas about the science and management of coastal ecosystems. Our Federation conferences provide outstanding opportunities for professionals at all stages in their career for continuing education and development. Abstracts related to our conference theme of "Responsive | Relevant | Ready" are greatly encouraged.

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CERF 2019 Field Trips

Get to Know the City of Mobile

At CERF 2019, attendees will be able to choose from seven exciting field trips, each offering a chance to experience the culture, history, and incredible natural resources found in Mobile, Alabama, and nearby communities on the Gulf of Mexico coast.

This year's field trip options include:

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CERF 2019 Scientific Awards

Recognize Yourself or a Colleague at CERF 2019

The Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) recognizes excellence in and service to the fields of coastal and estuarine science, management and education through several scientific and service awards. The recipients of these awards embody the mission of CERF to advance understanding and wise stewardship of estuarine and coastal ecosystems worldwide by promoting research in estuarine and coastal ecosystems; supporting education of scientists, decision-makers and the public; and facilitating communication among these groups. Awards are presented every two years in conjunction with the biennial conference. The Distinguished Service Award recipient is selected by the CERF President; all other recipients are selected by award committees.

Help us recognize excellence among our colleagues, mentors, and former students and nominate them for a CERF Scientific Award. The nomination deadline is 5 April 2019. The procedures for submitting nominations vary slightly by award, please see below nomination procedure instructions.

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Sponsor CERF 2019

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities

The CERF Biennial Conference attracts a highly educated crowd. These attendees are often recognized as community leaders and have significant influence and purchasing power in a variety of niche markets. Your sponsorship message will reach this active and engaged audience, as well as those ranging from students and researches to federal and state agents!

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CERF 2019 Mentorship Program

CERF 2019 Mentorship Program

The CERF 2019 organizing committee is offering the Meeting Mentoring Program at the conference. The program will match up mentors—senior graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and venerable clams (long-time ERF-CERF members) with mentees—students, early career professionals, first-time CERF attendees and international attendees. Mentor/Mentee sign-ups will be available soon.

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