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CERF submits amici curiae brief to Supreme Court on groundwater case

CERF, in collaboration with four scientists and seven other scientific societies, has submitted an amici curiae brief in the Supreme Court case “County of Maui v. Hawai’i Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club – Maui Group, Surfrider Foundation, and West Maui Preservation Association.” The case addresses whether the Clean Water Act requires a permit for the discharge of pollutants when the pollutants travel through groundwater from a point source to navigable waters. Specifically, the County of Maui argues that a permit is not required when wastewater is injected into wells because there is no direct discharge into navigable waters.  Several environmental groups have sued the County, arguing that injection wells are a point source given that the wells are connected to the ocean via groundwater.  The brief presents the science of groundwater hydrology and argues for the use of science in considering surface water-groundwater connections.  The case will come before the Supreme Court in November 2019.

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CERF's Up! Vol. 45.2 Now Available

Check out the latest from CERF's Up! 

Volume 45.2 features student papers, affiliate society updates, and the latest news and details about CERF 2019

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CERF Launching SAV Community of Practice

Building on successful workshops held at the biennial CERF conferences, CERF is excited to announce the launch of our first online Community of Practice: the Submersed Aquatic Vegetation Mapping/Monitoring Community of Practice (SAV CoP). Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of people with a shared interest that interact regularly to learn from each other, share ideas, and advance the state of knowledge about a particular topic. A CoP offers a forum for individual, professional, and agenda development around the topic of interest. The SAV CoP is a forum for sharing information and supporting seagrass mapping and monitoring efforts. The SAV CoP is organized around a shared Google space which allows access to documents, a calendar, an online forum, and email list where members can dialog with others.

For more information about the SAV CoP or to join, contact the SAV steering committee at [email protected].

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CERF Submits Public Comments on Proposed WOTUS Rule

CERF has joined with 11 other science societies to submit public comments on the proposed rule to revise the definition of "waters of the United States" (WOTUS) protected under the Clean Water Act.  This proposed rule would replace the 2015 Clean Water Rule (2015 CWR), which has been proposed for repeal.

CERF and the 10 other societies strongly oppose the proposed Rule and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' decision to re-write and rescind the science-based definitions contained in the 2015 CWR.  The proposed Rule is not based on sound science or the best-available peer-reviewed information and will, as a result, exclude numerous waters and wetlands that directly affect the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of primary waters, making it impossible to achieve the objectives of the Clean Water Act. Of particular concern to CERF membership is the proposed rule requires a direct, permanent, constant, surface water flow between an area and navigable waters to qualify as Waters of the US. This would exclude areas now considered as Waters of the US, including many marshes and wetlands, and also bodies of water fed by groundwater discharge, including some headwater streams.

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CERF Releases Broadening Participation Comprehensive Plan

CERF is dedicated to broadening participation in coastal and estuarine science and management.  As part of its Rising TIDES (Toward an Inclusive, Diverse, and Enriched Society) program, the Broadening Participation Council has developed a comprehensive plan to promote an inclusive culture and opportunities for underrepresented and underserved minorities in coastal and estuarine science at all career stages. 

The plan is based upon input received from CERF members and attendees during facilitated workshops and guided discussions at the 2017 CERF conference. 

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CERF Joins Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM

CERF has joined with 99 organizations to launch the Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine) to advance professional and ethical conduct, climate, and culture in STEMM disciplines.

The Societies Consortium reflects a shared understanding that professional societies have a unique responsibility in their role as standard-setters and standard-bearers for STEMM fields to address the pervasive problem of sexual and gender harassment.

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CERF Announces New Legacy Fund

CERF is excited to announce the creation of a new Legacy Fund. The Legacy Fund is a way to honor scientists, resource managers, decision-makers, educators, and others for their important contributions to the understanding and wise stewardship of estuarine and coastal ecosystems worldwide.  

The Fund will support unique and valuable enhancements to the research or career development of student and early-career members of the Federation through scholarships given at the CERF Biennial Conference. 

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New Issue Available: CERF's Up! Vol. 45.1

Check out the latest from CERF's Up! 

Volume 45.1 features student papers, affiliate society updates, and the latest news and details about CERF 2019

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CASS Requests Extension of Public Comment Period for Proposed WOTUS Rule

CERF has joined with the other members of the Consortium of Aquatic Science Societies (CASS) to request an extension on the Comment Period for the proposed rule revising the definition of "Waters of the United States" (WOTUS).

CASS Requests Extension of Public Comment Period for Proposed WOTUS Rule

Our New URL!

Out with the ORG – In with the New!

After many years of "," we decided that it was finally time for a change. CERF is proud to be a scientifically progressive Federation, and as such has replaced "org" with "science."

In addition, CERF's old domain name was an artifact of the time when we were still just the Estuarine Research Federation; we figured it was time to add the "C"!

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CERF Statement on Proposed WOTUS Rule

CERF, in conjunction with eight other scientific societies, has released a statement expressing deep concern with the proposed rule issued by the EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers to replace the 2015 Clean Water Rule (Waters of the United States Rule or WOTUS), released 11 December 2018. 

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New from CESN

Make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest papers from Estuaries and Coasts. Coastal and Estuarine Science News (CESN) is our way of sharing summaries of articles we think are relevant and applicable to CERF members.

The November issue is now available in English and Spanish

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CERF's Up Vol 44.4 Now Available

Check out the latest from CERF's Up! 

Volume 44.4 features student papers, affiliate society updates, and the latest news and details about CERF 2019

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Read the Latest CERF's Up! Newsletter

CERF's Up! Vol. 44.3 Now Available

The newest issue of CERF's Up! is now available, and features informative and reflective letters from the CERF Board, important membership updates, and new industry-related articles from students and professionals in coastal and estuarine research.

In this issue, you are encouraged to read a specially-written article touching on how CERF finds and selects our conference venues while keeping the importance of diversity and inclusion in mind. Learn more about "The Search for the Goldilocks Conference Venue" on page 15 of the newsletter.

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Celebrating Susan Williams

The CERF community recently lost Susan Williams, a beloved and respected CERF Past President (2009–2011) and Distinguished Professor of Evolution and Ecology at the University of California Davis, on 24 April, 2018. There will be a celebration of Susan on Friday, 26 October, with a day-long remembrance of How Susan Influenced My Science and a Celebration of Susan's Life. A welcome reception will take place on the evening of 25 October and there will be a picnic at Bodega Marine Lab on 27 October. These events are open to all family, friends, and scientific colleagues of Susan.

More information can be found on the event page and on Facebook.

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Read the Latest CERF's Up! Newsletter

The CERF's Up! newsletter volume 44 issue 2 is now available! Meet the new CERF's Up! Editor-in-chief Jason Howard, learn about the official theme of the CERF 2019 conference, and read the latest updates on our Affiliate Societies. Read CERF's Up! online today!

The Loss of a Past President, Loyal Ecologist, and Friend

We are deeply saddened by the news that Susan Williams, CERF Past President and renowned marine ecologist, has passed away. She was a dear friend, generous mentor, and role model to so many in the CERF community. She will be greatly missed. Our condolences to her family and friends. 

Susan Williams


CERF Submits Testimony in Support of FY2019 NSF Appropriations

CERF has joined over 100 institutions and organizations in support of FY2019 funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF). The testimony was submitted to the Appropriations Subcommittees on Commerce, Justice, and Science for both the House of Representatives and Senate. The testimony highlights the importance of NSF geoscience research, infrastructure, and education as vital to addressing critical security issues related to national defense, economic competitiveness, and public health and safety. Read the full testimony.


Read the Latest CERFs Up! Newsletter

Volume 44.1 is now available online! Hear from CERF President Hilary Neckles about #Whatsnext, catch up with CERF's Affiliate Societies, and learn about upcoming events. Read CERFs Up online today! 

Exciting News for Early Professionals

You Asked. We Listened.
Early professional membership has been extended!

CERF prides itself on being student and early career friendly, as these members are the heart and soul of our society, as well as the future of our discipline. Because of this, CERF has extended the early professional membership to those who are five-years post degree. CERF recognizes that for early professionals, membership dues can be a substantial cost, and we want to encourage our early-career members to stay engaged and take advantage of career development and other CERF opportunities as they become established in their professions. 

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