Coastal Fisheries Town Hall:

Threats, challenges and solutions for coastal fisheries sustainability in a changing world. 

Date: Monday, 4 November
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Many coastal fisheries around the world are in crisis.  Overfishing, pollution, climate change and habitat destruction are decimating many coastal fisheries that large human populations rely on. Therefore, concerted and effective action is needed to manage coastal fisheries effectively and ensure their sustainability in a changing world. Such actions call for cross-disciplinary, integrated collaborations including academics, regulators, officers, fishermen and the general public.

Towards that end, this Town Hall will 1) summarize the most important common threats/challenges; 2) identify possible solutions (management actions); 3) and articulate how we can work together to accomplish those solutions. The Town Hall will kick off with a discussion led by a 4-person panel representing the research, fishing, outreach/extension, and regulatory/management communities. A facilitated discussion with attendees will ensue. The facilitator will engage all participants to ensure an inclusive discussion. The overarching goal of the Town Hall is to understand the prioritized needs in coastal fisheries and how we can collectively address those needs. Notes will be taken to aid in producing a well-balanced summary document including lessons learned and suggestions to move forward. The summary document will be shared with the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) membership and other stakeholders. The Town Hall and summary will be outputs in line with the CERF mission and of value to the Federation and other agencies with a stake on coastal fisheries sustainability.

Please join us and bring your own lunch.


Marcus Drymon, Mississippi State University
Scott Bannon, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Ronnie Daniels, Fisher-Man Guide Service
Julie Lively, Louisiana State University, Louisiana Sea Grant