Our Conference Theme: "Responsive | Relevant | Ready"

The CERF 2019 team is excited to have the next conference underway. Our all-star conference team of 46 members is inclusive by design, to promote a conference that fully engages diverse science, management, and educational perspectives.

During the next year, we will build a conference framed around the theme: "Responsive | Relevant | Ready." This deceivingly simply theme speaks to the strengths and interests across CERF membership. We endeavor to connect science and society in the collective goals of preserving coastal and estuarine habitats, resources, and heritage. Through the conference, we will discuss the nature of research agendas that are directed at finding and solving problems, and how to engage stakeholders in that process. 

The conference, to be held in Mobile, AL, will mark 20 years since CERF has been in the central time zone, in the central Gulf of Mexico, and on the so-called, "Third Coast"—the title of CERF 2019's artwork. The work, by New Orleans artist Inga Clough Falterman, depicts a pelagic view of a working coast, with beautifully complicated interactions, inhabitants, and challenges. Our goal is to balance a natural and social scientific agenda with the food, music, and art emblematic of the Gulf Coast. In keeping with tradition, we hope to create a seriously fun and memorable 25th Biennial CERF Conference.