CERF 2019 Student Judging Opportunities

Graduate and undergraduate students are given the opportunity to have their oral or poster presentations evaluated by a panel of judges at CERF 2019. 

Attendees are welcome to sign up as a judge. Graduate students may sign up as judges for undergraduate presentations. Undergraduate students are not allowed to sign up as judges.

Judges will be rewarded with one complimentary drink ticket for use at a Poster Session/Happy Hour or at the Opening or Closing Receptions.

Download the Student Judging Form

If you are interested in becoming a student judge, please contact our Student Judging Chairs Kelly DarnellUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Zach DarnellUniversity of Southern Mississippi and include:

  • Your top three topics you would prefer to judge or indicate you are willing to judge any topic:
    • Benthic Ecology
    • Biogeochemistry
    • Ecosystem Dynamics
    • Education and Outreach
    • Fisheries
    • Geology
    • HABs
    • Hypoxia
    • Invasive Species
    • Microbial Ecology
    • Molecular Ecology
    • Ocean Acidification
    • Plankton Ecology
    • Policy and Management
    • Population/Community Ecology
    • Sea Level Rise
    • Social science
    • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
    • Trophic Biomarkers
    • Water Quality,  Contaminants, and Pollution
    • Weather and Extreme Events
    • Wetlands
  • Career Level
    • Undergraduate
    • Graduate Student
    • Early-Career Professional (less than 5 years post-graduate)
    • Mid-Career Professional (5 - 15 years post-graduate)
    • Experienced Professional (15+ years post-graduate)
    • Other