CERF 2017 Ambassador Program

One of the primary goals of the CERF 2017 Conference Committee has been to deliver an exceptional meeting experience to all registrants. The new CERF Ambassadors Program is designed to do just that by enlisting a group of CERF representatives to serve as envoys who can enhance and enrich the conference for all attendees.

What is an “Ambassador?”
"Ambassador" is defined as a representative or envoy with the duty to represent the organization and to provide excellent customer service, thus creating an exceptional experience to all guests. Selected CERF members at all career stages, who have volunteered to participate, will be available throughout the conference to chat informally, provide guidance, suggestions, and help increase engagement among attendees.
What can an Ambassador do for me?
Whether this CERF meeting is your first or your fifteenth, we have all had that moment when you feel alone and/or unsure (e.g. there is the person whose papers you have already read and admired, but you are hesitant to just walk up and introduce yourself). Or you are just ending one position and want to ask someone who has similar interests how they found the next great job. Or maybe you need help deciding if you should attend the Club CERF event (you should!). The CERF Ambassador can assist by introducing you to other attendees, helping you prioritize your schedule, answering your question or finding information that will help you enjoy and get more from the conference.
How do I identify a CERF Ambassador?
CERF Ambassadors will be wearing a distinctive Ambassadors button. Whenever they are wearing their buttons, they welcome you to approach them and ask for advice or assistance. The Ambassador is willing to help or find others who can assist. 
With the goal to increase engagement among members and conference attendees, we want to know that you’re interacting with out Ambassadors. Please take a SELFIE and share your “CERF Ambassador moment” on social media using the hashtag #CERFAmbassador!

If you have ideas or suggestions for the CERF Ambassador program, please contact:

CERF Ambassador Program Leads
Kristy Lewis, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Christine Whitcraft, California State University - Long Beach