Call for Snapchat Geofilter Submissions!

Submission Deadline: 1 September 2017


The CERF Social Media Team is looking for creative Snapchat geofilter ideas. Geofilters are location-based overlays or frames that users can apply to their Snaps; the winning geofilter image will be available to attendees at the Convention Center during the CERF 2017 conference. Submit geofilter images with a CERF-relevant theme; think coastal critters, flora, or landscapes!

E-mail geofilter submissions to [email protected] with the subject line "CERF geofilter". We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Files should be 1080px wide by 1920px high. See the Snapchat purchase tool preview page to check how it will look before submission here
  2. Make sure files are under 300 KB in size and saved as a .PNG file with a transparent background
  3. No photographs of people
  4. No phone numbers, emails, URLs, Snapcodes, download instructions, social media usernames, or personal information
  5. No hashtags
  6. No more than two lines of non-stylized text
  7. No inappropriate or offensive content
  8. Don't cover up too much of the screen

For more information see the Snapchat submission guidelines.