CERF 2017 Conference Illustration Artist:
Ashley Van Etten

Ashley Van Etten is an illustrator and owner of Willywaw, a Rhode Island-based design company. Named after the katabatic winds in the Strait of Magellan, Ashley's work is inspired by nature's forms, colors, and patterns. She creates a range of hand-printed textiles, paper, and limited edition prints.

While her illustration for this year's CERF conference evokes the feeling of an ecosystem in her own style, her observations aren't unlike those of scientists; she uses her senses and skills to interpret those experiences. She finds the interconnection of living organisms and their environment fascinating and an endless source of inspiration.

Ashley's studio is a mile from Narragansett Bay and the URI Bay Campus. She lives with her husband/photographer, Joe Beckham, and their two dogs, Juneau and Takhoma, on the seven-mile-long tidal inlet of the Narrow River. Her work can be found at willywaw.com.

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