Writing and Publishing a Scientific Paper 

3 pm – 4:30 pm     |     General: $25     Students: No Cost
Convener: Jim Cloern


This popular 90-minute workshop, given at three previous CERF conferences by a veteran journal editor, is geared for students and others with little or no experience writing and publishing scientific articles. The first half will focus on attributes of well-written scientific articles. Students are expected to read in advance the following paper for discussion: G.W. Kling et al. 1987. The 1986 Lake Nyos Gas Disaster in Cameroon, West Africa. SCIENCE, 236(4798):169-175. The second half will focus on diverse aspects of publication, e.g.: how to determine authorship, choose a journal, write a cover letter, communicate with editors, respond to reviewer comments, deal with rejection (it happens!)

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