Navigating the Science-Policy Nexus

8:30 am – 11:30 am     |     General: $30     Students: $20 
Conveners: Francis Reilly 


In a poplar book “Science Makes the World Go ‘Round.” Michael Bocher and Max Krott start by quoting “No one has yet become popular by being right.”  Too often we feel “right,” but just cannot seem to get our message across. Scientists hoping to effect change in today’s world need to be able to understand the policy process and communicate their science in such a way as to both inform and motivate policy makers. It is not always clear how to start that line of communication, and, as scientists we may well lack the knowledge needed to start and continue informing policy with science. The CERF Policy Committee is charged with helping CERF to navigate policy issues. The committee wants to help scientists understand who to talk to, how to start the conversation, and how to communicate the message. Policy information is a distinctly different form of communication than sharing research findings with the public.

This workshop will help scientists at all career stages understand the nexus between science and policy and to learn how to influence policy and policy makers. The session will encompass several components. It will include a Government and Science Policy 101 overview and will help participants understand and navigate policy opportunities in the United States with government at local, state, legislative and federal agency levels. Ways to craft the message into a clear and concise format that is relevant to the policy makers you want to influence will be discussed. The speakers will present their experiences and some case studies that illustrate successful interactions with policy makers. Topics will include interactions with federal and state-level policy makers; legislative policy interactions; and developing policy and guidance for federal agencies.

In addition, the session will share how the CERF Policy Committee plans to help individuals, as well as the Affiliate Societies, up their own game for policy information with CERF resources such as additional trainings, speakers, and potentially, a shared policy fellow internship.

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