CERF 2017 Silent Auction

The CERF 2017 Silent Auction will raise funds for the CERF Odum Fund to support CERF student participation and development activities. A variety of items will be on display and available for bidding, including original artwork created for CERF 2017, and other items such as books, scientific instrumentation, crafted sea creatures, pottery, home decor, and CERF memorabilia donated by members. Join us for a good cause, and great deals on highly prized items! 

How can I donate an item?
There are several different ways to go about donating an item to the silent auction. If you will be donating an item for the silent auction, you may indicate so on your conference registration form. If you would like to donate an item after you have completed your online registration, you may contact the CERF office for assistance in adding your item for donation. 

You may also download and complete the CERF 2017 Silent Auction Donation form and return to Pat Reilly at [email protected]Completed forms are due by Monday, October 30. Any items donated after Monday, October 23rd cannot be shipped to the site, and must be brought by the donor.

When will the auction take place?
The auction will open at 8:00 pm on Sunday, November 5 and close at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, November 8. All bids must be placed prior to the close of the auction. 

How do I collect my winning bid?
Auction winners can pay for items in the conference registration area. Item pick-up begins 7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 8. All payments must be received by 3:00 pm on Thursday, November 9. If payment is not received at that time, items will automatically be awarded to the next highest bidder who will be immediately contacted. All items must be collected and transported by auction winners at the time of payment.